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Make Your Leaflet Drop Campaign a Success

It doesn’t matter whether you are an estate agent, a small business owner or own a restaurant, even a franchise or agency. One thing remains the same; you want to make your leaflet drop campaign a success.

Not just succeed in the sense that it gets produced and delivered through letterboxes, but work in the sense that it grabs people’s attention, i.e. compels them to take action and contact you.

Easier said than done, right?

Not when you have been creating truly memorable leaflet drop campaigns for the last decade. Here are our best practice tips for producing leaflet drops guaranteed to secure new business.

TIP 1: Research your market

The first, and perhaps, most important thing you can do (which people tend to spend the least amount of time on) is research your market.

imagesMost of us feel that we’re a professional in our field, and quite rightly so. However, just as consumers wouldn’t buy a car without reading up about it first, it’s wise to spend as much time as you can seeing if your product or service is right for the intended market before rushing into spending money advertising it.

TIP 2: Consider your price or offer

Your price or offer is an important factor in determining how much of a response you’ll generate. One of the best things you can do is get comparisons from your competitors. This will help you decide where you want to position yourself within the market – top, middle or bottom in price.

A question we often ask our clients is, ‘Are you trying to increase your market share on selling at almost no profit, or are you prepared to sacrifice a higher response to win business that makes more of a profit?’

TIP 3: Think about your start date

Think carefully about the best time for selling your service or product. For instance, it’s not a good idea to sell Christmas trees in the summer! Supply and demand principles also apply, so it’s worth planning ahead to get this one right as it’ll maximise your response rate no end.

TIP 4: Don’t be a one-hit wonder

We’ve seen this happen lots of times. A client carries out a leaflet drop campaign and gets either a great response or a poor response and on that basis chooses not to carry out any further activity.

In our experience, the most successful clients formulate a campaign that may run weekly, monthly or quarterly, the point is it’s a leaflet drop campaign. This gets the message across that they are in their chosen area to stay and it reminds the potential customer to use them. Sometimes it’s only after we’ve seen something three times, do we then have confidence in trying it.

TIP 5: Create the right image

Ensure your leaflet portrays your service or product correctly. Your leaflet essentially becomes your shop window so, not surprisingly, it needs to be designed and printed to match the quality of service or product you want to get across.

If you’re selling something at an economy level, you may want to print in only one or two colours on a thinner paper stock, whereas if you’re selling a high ticket item, you need to portray this by using a professional designer, full colour, and a more expensive paper or board.

TIP 6: Enlist the right expertise

If you’ve followed the tips above, it would be a complete waste of your time and money, and ultimately your response from your leaflets, if you opt to work with a door drop company that doesn’t sufficiently charge to deliver all of your leaflets.

As a very simple rule of thumb, it takes, on average, 7 hours to deliver 1,000 leaflets, which is around 2-3 per minute in your average street. Therefore you would expect the price to be over £55 per thousand to include transportation, office and warehouse costs.

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Leaflets Just Work

Many businesses use leaflet distribution to attract customers and increase their profits, quite simply because leaflets just work!

It is very well known among media aware advertisers that leaflets delivered to homes through the letterbox produces good ROI (Return on Investment), and the reason for this is something many advertisers are not aware of.

When their leaflet drops through the letterbox it continues working for them for the length of time it remains in the home.

Despite many people’s perception of advertising that is delivered through the letterbox, the majority of it is not relegated to the waste bin. Much of it is kept in the home for some weeks and continues to deliver its message to the various members of the household.

Leaflet distribution beats direct mail

A recent survey undertaken by the Royal Mail has revealed that door drop leaflets are kept in the home for an average of 38 days. This compares favourably against direct mail’s 17 days.

The survey also reveals that leaflets containing relevant local information or time sensitive information such as an offer ending on a specific date, are the ones most likely to be kept and referred to several times.

These interesting facts are not the only ones contained in the report.

Leaflets have a place

It appears that many households not only keep the leaflets they receive but also have designated places where they are kept for future reference.

These places can be various areas in the house, a random holding area such as a convenient empty space on a cabinet or mantle shelf.

Some households have designated place where a pile of material is allowed to gather, or a specific display leaflet holder where the various leaflets are left out for members of the household to read.

Leaflets stay on display

imagesResearch reveals that the kitchen is the most popular place to display leaflets, with 51% of people surveyed saying this was their choice, with the dining room coming second with 30% of the population surveyed favouring that area.

Surprisingly the hallway came a distant third with only 18% of people opting for that venue.
There are also three also rans bringing up the rear.

5% of the survey goes to a study or office, strangely 3% of those surveyed claimed they displayed leaflets in the bedroom, and even more bizarrely, 1% claimed the kept them on display in the bath room.

Make sure they stand out

So now the survey has revealed that not only do people hold on to leaflets for 38 days, but many of them have favourite places to display them.

This information is good news to all businesses using leaflet distribution to advertise their goods and services.

However this underlines the need for leaflets to be designed to not only encourage people to keep and display them, but to make sure they stand out from all the competing material on display.

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