Creating Leaflets That Get Results

Leaflet distribution has a very successful track record as a marketing tool if done right. If you want to promote your services and attract fresh leads into your business, creating leaflets that get results is a very important factor in the process.

Despite the evidence to the contrary, many people still claim that leaflet distribution does not work and is just a waste of time and money.

imagesHowever, in most of these cases it is not the distribution that is letting them down, but their leaflet itself. If the leaflet is wrong, then nothing will save their campaign and they end up out of pocket, disillusioned and disappointed.

Many businesses both large and small use door to door leaflets to launch their enterprises and they continue to use them to win new clients or to establish their company brand in the eyes of their target market.

There are many factors involved with creating great leaflet designs that work.

Below are 20 things you should consider when creating leaflets that get results.


Your headline copy must be immediately engaging. It must give your prospect a compelling reason to keep on reading.

A boring headline will just get your leaflet confined to the waste bin.


Are your captions as compelling as your headline?

Captions underneath illustrations are the next most read part of your copy after your headline. Do they send out a strong selling message?

Your Contact Details

Make sure your prospect knows exactly how to contact you.

Make sure you give them every opportunity to contact you. Give them your address, your e-mail address, your telephone number or numbers and your website address.

And check the details are correct. Check them twice, call the numbers to be sure. You cannot afford to lose a sale.

Call To Action

Have you told your prospect what they must do? Your call to action (CTA) must give them clear instruction on how and when they should respond. Leave them in no doubt what they need to do next.

One Big Thing

Is the message on your leaflet focussed on one thing? If your message wanders from the main point you are trying to make, you will confuse the reader and lose their interest. Stick to the point; don’t waffle.


Are your images relevant? Do they accurately portray what your product or service will do for the prospect? Images put on just for decoration are a distraction, a waste of space and money.

What’s in it for me?

Your sales message must tell your reader of the benefits of your product and how will improve their lives. It must convince them your offer is specifically designed to help them. They are only interested in themselves, nobody else.


Your offer must a compelling offer that your reader cannot refuse. It should be placed it the start of your copy and if possible you should repeat it next to your call to action.


Does your sales message contain a deadline to encourage your prospect to respond before a certain date? Does it tell them what they will gain if they respond before a certain date?

Creating urgency on your leaflet will ensure it’s not just put in a draw with the intention of dealing with it later.

Double sided

Are you using a double sided leaflet? Remember you must use both sides to their full advantage. Do not waste money by filling the second side with irrelevant information.

Does each side stand alone?

Each side of your leaflet must be able to sell your product as if it were a single sided leaflet. You cannot afford to waste space.


It is vital you check all of the details on your leaflet. Then double check it and check it again. Nothing will turn your prospect off than a stupid typo, or an incorrect contact detail.


Have you approached your sales message from the right angle? Do your headline and copy tell your reader exactly what you are offering? BE CLEAR!


Do you have a plan in place for tracking your responses? It is important you know how many replies you get from your leaflet. This information will help you plan your next campaign.


Have you read your leaflet over and over again to make sure your offer is clear and concise, leaving your prospect in no doubt about what you are offering?


Your leaflet and the message it carries must reflect the personality of you and your business. This will make your prospect more inclined to respond than a cold impersonal message.

You: We Ratio

It has been proved that sales message with “you” / “your” or “yours” in the text get better responses than “I” or “we”. Using “you” and its derivatives lets the reader know you are focussing your offer on them.


hallway-distribution-logo (2)If you are placing your logo on your leaflet, make sure it is placed at the bottom. Do not place at the top so it dominates your message and distracts the reader from what it is you’re offering.

Social Proof

If you have good and positive testimonials from satisfied customers, then make sure you include some of them on your leaflet. An accolade from a happy customer will increase your response rate.

Is your leaflet easy on the eye?

Is it easy to follow and do the colours add to its readability rather than clash with the eye? If possible get someone not involved with your business to read your leaflet and get their opinion on its readability.

If you need assistance with creating leaflets, why not contact the Hallway Distribution design team today and get all the advice and help you will need.

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