What is the best Leafleting Strategy

You need to create an effective leafleting strategy when marketing this way.

This post, is about having an effective strategy for your leafleting campaign.

Get Focused

Your first objective, for your leaflet distribution campaign is to make sure that you grab your customer’s attention instantly. What you need here is a grabby headline which clearly explains what you’re offering and a snazzy visual. Don’t be tempted to get too clever, if your headline is ambiguous or confusing, your leaflet is likely to end up in the bin.

Keep it simple

Sometimes marketers will be tempted to get the most bang for their buck by packing as much information onto their leaflet as possible.

An overly busy leaflet can be overwhelming, and, in many cases, a potential customer simply cannot be bothered to plough through loads of text. Keep the content clear, simple and concise in order to focus the reader’s attention.

What’s the big deal?

You may have the best product or service in the world, but that might not be enough to get those customers through the door. Including a discount or special offer on your flyer is a great way to give the customer an incentive which may just tip them toward making that call or visit.

A killer call to action

Locking down all of the above points is great, but it will mean nothing if the customer doesn’t know what you want them to do next. A clear and prominent call to action is a vital part of your flyer, and for the best results, this should be displayed in the top right-hand corner of your flyer. If possible, including a QR code which takes the customer straight to your website or landing page is extremely effective in an age where most people are glued to their mobile phones.

Choose your audience

Profiling and targeting your ideal customer is a vital part of your strategy, we can help with this to make sure that your leaflet is reaching the right people at the right time. Unlike digital advertising, our targeting is intuitive and focused on making sure that your message gets into the right hands every time.

The time is right

When it comes to marketing this way, timing is everything, and our devoted team will help you to identify the best day and time for your distribution to ensure the maximum possible results for your campaign. Whether it’s focusing on weekend afternoons to target shoppers or strategically working around payday, our team has tons of experience in making it all about time when it comes to successful flyer distribution campaigns.

Choosing the right distribution method

Depending on your business or product type, some distribution methods work better than others, and we can help you to identify the best method for your business from our following options:

  • Solus distribution Your leaflet is delivered exclusively to selected letterboxes for a super-focused service. This is a great choice for businesses that have a lot of competition within a particular area.
  • Shared distribution Your leaflet will be distributed along with others from non-competing companies. This cost-effective method is ideal if your company has little competition or has a particularly unique proposition.
  • Hand to hand Perfect for town centre businesses such as cafes, shops and salons, our team hands your flyers out directly to shoppers in your chosen area at the most effective times.
  • Business to business (B2B) Great for tight-knit communities, we can help you to forge local relationships by delivering your advertising material to businesses in your chosen area.
  • Sample distribution There’s no better way to market a product than to let your customers try it for themselves, and sample distribution allows you to do just that. We can attach a product sample to your leaflet to increase your chances of success.

We’re On hand to help

If you’ve changed your mind about digital or you’re keen to learn more, our friendly and professional customer service team are on hand to offer expert advice and a free, no-obligation quote. Get in touch with our team today to get your new marketing campaign off to a flying start.

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