Make Leaflets Connect With Your Audience

Interacting with your audience is paramount when it comes to creating a strong, long lasting relationship with them.

As Gloucestershire’s leading leaflet distributor, we have seen a great rise in bright colours, witty slogans and attractive leaflet layouts to help catch the wandering eyes of target audiences, but what can you do to stand out from the crowd and make leaflets connect? How about exercising various degrees of interactions between you and your audience?

imagesIncluding your audience in your leaflets can help to keep their interests and spike their curiosity, it can help you transform your leaflet from simply informative to exciting and audience friendly, helping you create a strong, long lasting relationship you can be proud of.


Asking questions in your leaflets can spark thoughts and ideas in your audience. You can make these subtle questions such as ‘Ever thought of…’ or you can make them stand out from the rest of your content such as ‘Did you know…’. Of course you don’t want to interrogate your audience with copious amounts of questions which could make them feel inadequate if they don’t know the answer. Spacing your questions out allows you to give your audience information rather than question their knowledge. This careful balance will help you to keep your audience’s interest when reading your leaflet.


One of the main ways of ensuring interaction with your audience is by tagging on a survey or questionnaire to the foot of your leaflet. If this is your first time producing a leaflet, a simple survey asking your audience what they think can spark an interest in your leaflet, thus allowing your leaflet to reach more people and keeping your audience interested in what you have to say.


Including a small feature section, perhaps highlighting members of your business who’ve achieved something amazing, or even loyal audience members of your business, not only directly interacts with your audience, but will also help to spur on word of your business with the potential to be featured in your leaflets.

It’s not all about style and looks, though these initially capture interest; creating a long lasting leaflet is also about what you include and how you address your audience and how your leaflets are broadcasted. For more information on these key points to make leaflets connect get in touch with us here at Hallway Distribution.

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