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Increase Marketing Strategy

Leaflet distribution is one of those things that you probably don’t ever think of when you hear the phrase “good marketing strategy”.

Many people consider the internet to be the best medium to market services or products because there are numerous ways to approach such a campaign. What these people don’t realise, however, is that leaflet distribution has evolved quite significantly throughout the years and nowadays it is a viable offline marketing strategy that doesn’t even cost much.

imagesLeaflet distribution nowadays has even more advantages in ways to increase marketing strategy than some of the most popular and common marketing campaigns. To understand what it really is all about we will have to take a closer look at how the professional companies handle the leaflet distribution process.

1. Price

What worries many people when they hear about leaflet distribution is the prices for this service because that involves designing, printing and distributing. However, some companies nowadays will not charge you for creating the design for your leaflet if you commit to order printing and distributing as well. And we all know that design can be the most expensive part of any marketing campaign. Finding a company willing to work on the design for free will save you money that you can use on ordering more leaflets for example.

2. Effectiveness

People usually worry about the effectiveness of a leaflet distribution campaign because they think that many of their leaflets won’t even be given to potential customers. Professionals, however, don’t allow this and supervise their employees to make sure all the leaflets have been handed to people. If for some reason there are leftover leaflets, they will be returned to you. In this case you can decide whether you want them to be distributed again or whether you will use them for something else.

3. Planning

A leaflet distribution campaign usually starts with a good amount of planning with the goal in mind to increase marketing strategy. When you choose the location where you want your leaflets to be distributed, the company you’ve chosen will integrate that into a digital map. This map will have boundaries that the distributors will not be allowed to leave and addresses that they must visit.

4. Tracking and reporting

Being able to see where your leaflets are being distributed in real time is of utmost importance. This gives you control over how the distribution process is going and certainty that your leaflets are being delivered as they are supposed to.

A professional leaflet distribution team will be equipped with GPS trackers so that you can check the progress of how everything is going in real time. The campaign will also be monitored by the company and the supervising team to make sure that no mistakes are made. The location of each individual distributor will be marked with a time stamp of every 5 seconds. In terms of reporting you will be able to see which addresses were visited and which houses were missed by the distribution team if any.

5. See for yourself

Not many companies offer this service, but some do. You will have the chance to go in a car with a supervisor and check on the distribution process yourself. This way you can be 100% sure that your leaflets are being delivered to the exact addresses that you want to target in your marketing campaign.

Without a doubt, leaflet distribution is one of the most effective types of ways to increase marketing strategy campaigns nowadays. Even though online campaigns have their advantages, offline marketing is still alive and kicking. And the best way to measure results, achieve maximum effectiveness and reach a large number of people with a low budget is through leaflet distribution.

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Stop Wasting Your Advertising Budget

advertising budget

imagesWould you seriously knowingly waste your advertising budget? I hope you answered NO to that particular question.

Recently I had a very interesting conversation about advertising budget with a fellow internet marketer from the world of digital marketing. The conversation took place at a social gathering and over a glass or two of wine.

This particular persons job involved marketing her company’s cloud services to those who wish to use such a facility.

Being naturally interested in marketing I asked her what methods she used to promote her organisation’s services. Her reply was Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and several others whose names have escaped me, basically social media platforms which are of course all the rage right now.

Of course, being in the digital world of commerce it is only to be expected that her marketing campaigns will be on digital platforms.

When I enquired whether she would consider a direct mail campaign, she felt that such a marketing method would not be the correct way to approach her prospective customers. As her marketing campaigns were b2b campaigns we both agreed that a residential leaflet distribution campaign would probably not be the best marketing tool for her particular plans.

I then asked the question that all of us involved in various advertising and marketing campaigns ask marketing people “are your campaigns successful?” her answer surprised me.

“I know half of my advertising budget works; I just don’t know which half it is.” Yes, that was her answer.

Now, I have heard advertising people use this phrase for many years, and I suppose in the days before computers made it possible to compile accurate mailing lists and other information to enable advertisers to focus on their target markets, marketing was of a bit hit and miss affair.

However, I thought now there is a wealth of information and methods available to companies to identify the right people to target, the days of hit and miss marketing were over. It appears I am mistaken.

This lady openly admitted to me that half of her advertising budget was wasted, money down the drain as it were.

I wonder how many people using door drop leaflets would tolerate such a waste of money.

The beauty of using leaflets to advertise goods and services is that the results can be seen at the end of the campaign as long as they are carefully monitored and effectively tracked, and if all the relevant steps have been taken before the distribution is undertaken, the results should be very profitable.

I cannot envisage any marketing manager who commissioned a door drop campaign being willing to accept that half of the money allocated to the project was going to be wasted. Especially taking into consideration the fact that leaflets remain in the home for 38 days and that the message they carry is easily passed to friends and colleagues

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