Leaflet or Magazine Advertising

You have come to a point where you want to promote your business and are wondering what form of advertising to go for. Nowadays, there are numerous options available, from the Internet to print, but when you are a small business the first two ways that come to mind are most likely leaflets or an ad in a local magazine. So the question beckons leaflet or magazine advertising?

Both means of promotion work well on a local scale; however, when you consider all the pros and cons in more detail, leaflets turn out to be the most efficient strategy. Here are five key reasons why leaflet distribution is more effective than a local magazine advert.


No doubt about it, for the price of the same size (A5) advert, usually a full page in local magazines, you can have twice as many leaflets printed. Leaflet distribution is a very affordable way of getting your name out to the wider public, and let’s be honest, when you’re a small business you don’t have a £1million+ marketing budget, do you?


When it comes to leaflet drops, we’re able to hand pick the most responsive areas for your campaign. We look closely at demographic and geographic factors and plan your distribution to ensure your leaflets go to those most likely to be interested in your services. We are even able to skip particular streets, to give you a fully tailored service. By contrast, with a local magazine you are not able to target specific areas in such detail, rather you are locked into the major areas that their distribution covers – and locked out of others.


When it comes to designing your leaflet, the sky is the limit. Make it round, square, postcard, folded, DL – you name it, we can produce it. An ad gives you a standardised size scale, without much room to make your business really stand out. The flexibility leaflets provide also means that you can have two different design leaflets going out to various areas as part of the same campaign, whereas with an advert you’d have to pay for two advertising spaces, which would both be distributed to the same areas.


Had a change of heart? Realised you’ve put a wrong telephone number? With leaflet distribution we’re able to stop your campaign and quickly print a new batch, so you can always be sure that the right materials are going out. Unfortunately, with an ad, once it’s signed off to print you can’t call it back to update your artwork or copy.


What’s easier to quickly fold and put into your pocket or bag? The answer is simple. Leaflets have the advantage that they can be easily stored for future reference, something a magazine doesn’t have. They are also a fantastic way of presenting your offer to the potential customer in a concise and direct way, whereas in a mag your ad might go unnoticed amongst a sea of others, thus producing no results but significantly draining your budget.

Next time you face an advertising decision-making moment bear in mind the features described above. Leaflet or magazine advertising is a big decision, these are only five of them, but in our opinion they are the most important aspects, particularly for small businesses. Affordable, well-targeted, flexible, quick to produce and convenient means are the most efficient and fruitful media to help you grow your company. Having over 9 years’ extensive experience we’re always here to help you promote your brand, so get in touch today to see how we can work together to achieve your business objectives.

We hope you got some value from this article, five reasons why leaflet or magazine advertising. If so leave your comments below.



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